Neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments help us understand the specific ways in which our brains learn, understand, and retain information—and everyone is different. A better understanding of how we learn best, as well as the areas in which we struggle, allows us to develop informed strategies, treatments, and accommodations that allow us to reach our best potential.

Our team of highly trained clinicians works closely with each client to determine which clinical assessments will provide the most complete understanding of his or her learning, behavior, and capabilities. This typically means that we will administer a collection of different tests designed to help us understand different functions, like concentration, problem solving, working memory, and vocabulary, among many others. All of our clients are provided with a full report of the results of his or her assessment, outlining their performances in specific areas and providing them with personalized recommendations based on the results. If the results of our testing indicate that a client may qualify for and benefit from specific accommodations at school, work, or for standardized tests (e.g., SAT, GRE, etc.), our team will work to provide the necessary documentation to request these accommodations.