What is psychodiagnostic assessment?
Psychodiagnostic assessment is a specialized procedure to identify and differentiate a client’s symptoms, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and provide insight into his or her daily experience. Using objective and projective tests, we are able to accurately map a client’s symptoms to diagnostic criteria, ultimately providing clarity, peace of mind, and a path forward. This process is sometimes also referred to as “psychodiagnostic testing” and “psychodiagnostic evaluation.”

Who might benefit from this type of assessment?
If you are struggling with symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress, lack of motivation, hyperactivity, trouble sleeping, inattention, addiction, among others, a psychodiagnostic assessment can likely provide helpful insight about diagnosis and how to help (i.e., treatment, special accommodations, and other recommendations).  For individuals who are already in treatment, psychodiagnostic assessment can provide your therapist with additional information to help inform and guide treatment on the path to understanding and healing.

What kind of testing does this involve?
The testing process varies depending on the nature of your symptoms, but may include inventories of IQ, attention, memory, learning, executive function (planning, organization, and decision-making), problem solving, perceptual and motor skills, academic skills, language skills, personality, emotional status, and behavior.  The inventories vary in nature, with some consisting of self-report questionnaires, objective tests (tests of ability), and projective tests.

What kind of a report can I expect?
A psychodiagnostic assessment report is a comprehensive document that includes detailed results and a summary for each test, as well as a synthesis of the testing that provides a picture of overall functioning and diagnosis.  All of our reports also provide tailored recommendations based on testing results.

Want to learn more?
If you have further questions about the psychodiagnostic assessment process, please contact us to speak with a member of our assessment team for more information.