What is preliminary screening?

Our preliminary screening offers a quick and lower-cost testing process to determine whether a full assessment would be helpful. Results of a preliminary screening give us an idea of what we may be able to learn from a full battery assessment.

Who might benefit from this type of assessment?
Preliminary screening can be especially helpful when pursuing special accommodations, such as extended time on standardized tests, as the screener can provide us with a sense of whether we would be likely to obtain accommodations in a particular case.

What kind of testing does this involve?
The specific nature of the preliminary screening varies from person to person, but typically involves the collection of background information, a review of health and academic records, and at least one self-report questionnaire.  The process involves approximately one to two hours of in-person evaluation, followed by an individualized review of the testing results and other documentation provided.

What kind of a report can I expect?
The results of a preliminary screening are written in a brief report (one to two pages), summarizing the findings and recommendations for further testing.

Want to learn more?
If you have further questions about the preliminary screening process, please contact us to speak with a member of our assessment team for more information.