What is industrial-organizational assessment?
Industrial-organizational assessment is a testing process that helps organizations with their hiring, development, and promotion processes, with the goals of pairing the right employees with the right positions and creating an efficient and rewarding workplace for all involved.  Industrial-organizational assessment provides valuable information on job candidates or current employees for both the organization and the employee.

Who might benefit from this type of assessment?
All kinds of organizations opt to utilize industrial-organizational assessment to aid and inform their decisions about hiring, development, training, and promotion for their company and employees.  Information gained from the assessment process can help employers select the best candidates for hire or promotion, and can greatly assist with employee development by identifying areas of relative strength and weakness.

What kind of testing does this involve?
Our industrial-organizational assessments are tailored to the needs of the organization and individual, but typically involve collection of biographical information, ability tests (based on industry and position), personality tests, job knowledge tests, and integrity tests.

What kind of a report can I expect?
The nature and content of the report will depend on the presenting question, which can vary greatly based on the organization’s need.  Our team will work closely with you to develop an assessment and report output that will provide the information most helpful to you and your organization.

Want to learn more?
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