What is career counseling?
Career counseling is an assessment designed to provide clients with advice for selecting a career that best matches their abilities and interests. A career counseling assessment explores an individual’s skills, strengths, and educational background to determine what careers may be most fulfilling, enjoyable, and successful. Career counseling seeks to help individuals learn more about what they want out of their education and career, locate resources for career advancement, and determine next steps to achieve their goals.

Who might benefit from this type of assessment?
Career counseling can be a very helpful option for anyone who has struggled to find a career path that fits his or her interests and characteristics. Career counseling can be especially helpful for individuals who have not found an industry or position that feels like a good fit, or for those who are looking to make a career change.

What kind of testing does this involve?
Career counseling includes tests of aptitude, interests, personality, and ability. Some of these are self-report inventories that ask you to answer questions about yourself, while others are tests that measure your levels of knowledge, skills and ability in various areas. Together, these tests provide a good picture of your interests and abilities and allow us to determine what kinds of industries and jobs may be a good fit for you.

What kind of a report can I expect?
Career counseling reports will include an explanation and analysis of each of the subtests provided, as well as a synthesis of the subtests to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their results. In addition, the report will include a list of careers that the testing indicates will be good fits, as well as a list of resources and recommendations to pursue suggested career paths.

Want to learn more?
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