United Assessment’s mission is to increase access to high quality psychological testing to help individuals of all ages reach their potential. We know first hand that there is no substitute for the insight an assessment can provide, and so we are committed to expanding access to these critical services by partnering with local nonprofits to provide pro bono assessments. For every five assessments we do in our private practice, we will provide one for free to a trusted partner.


Our first community partner, Covenant House New York, is part of an international nonprofit that provides critical services to over 50,000 homeless youth each year in 30 cities in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Learn more about Covenant House New York’s mission.

Founded in 1972, Covenant House New York provides services to over 400 homeless youth daily, and over 4,000 individuals each year. Our team is currently working with the leadership at Covenant House to identify clients who will most benefit from assessments, and we will officially begin our partnership with this great organization in the summer of 2017.