United Assessment was founded to provide a consistent and reliable source of psychological assessment for children and adults in and around New York City. Meet our team.

What We Believe

We believe that every individual has the potential to make unique and valuable contributions to his or her environment, at school, work, or home. An individual who struggles to complete tasks may come to believe that he or she is incapable of solving complex problems and feel cognitively inferior to others around them. A psychological assessment of this person may reveal that he or she possesses above average problem-solving skills but slow processing speed, indicating that, given extra time to complete a task, he or she has the capacity to provide solutions to problems that others may be stumped by. Insight like this provides valuable perspective on our strengths, limitations, and the way we can fit and function most productively.

Psychological assessments provide valuable information about your cognitive function, and we believe that there is no substitute for this insight. By understanding our cognitive functioning, we can identify and maximize our strengths, while addressing and improving our weaknesses. Making the decision to learn about ourselves through a neuropsychological assessment is an investment in personal wellbeing, the return on which continues for a lifetime.  Learn more about our services and their benefits.

Our Mission and Vision

United Assessment is on a mission to increase access to high quality psychological testing to help individuals of all ages reach their potential. Our vision is that everyone who needs it will have access to the best possible psychological assessments. To do this, we not only make a commitment to transparency and quality, but we also commit to providing one free assessment to a trusted nonprofit partner for every five assessments we perform. Read more about our nonprofit partner program.

In order to provide the highest quality assessments, we employ the most up-to-date methods, use a proprietary report format designed to increase both the client and clinician’s understanding of results, keep the testing process efficient and convenient, and ensure our clients are comfortable and well-informed. Learn more about what makes us different.