Psychoeducational assessment are designed to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate his or her achievement level, identify possible learning disabilities, and make recommendations, as needed, for academic supports and accommodations that will allow the student to succeed in school to the best of his or her ability. Many seek psychoeducational assessment because they, or a loved one, are struggling in school and believe they may qualify for special accommodations in the classroom or on standardized tests. However, these assessments are a big investment in terms of both time and money. Fully understanding possible diagnoses and the experiences associated with them, as well as their potential implications, is critical for one to determine if assessment is right path forward. The Educational Screening Questionnaire – Second Edition (ESQ-2) is an educational tool designed to increase awareness and insight and help participants make the personal decision of whether to move forward in the assessment process. The ESQ-2 will indicate if the level of experience reported is significant and associated with a common academic issues or disability. Additionally, if this association is indicated, the ESQ-2 results will provide suggestions for potential accommodations and detailed instructions for how one moves forward in the assessment process.

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Disclaimer: This screening questionnaire is not a diagnostic instrument. It is intended for educational purposes only and should not be understood to constitute any type of diagnosis or healthcare recommendation. This questionnaire may help increase the awareness of the experience of psychological distress. What an individual chooses to do or “should” choose to do is a matter for the individual and not dictated by the questionnaire. This questionnaire has not been evaluated for validity in terms of sensitivity and specificity via comparison with a Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM (SCID).